Graphic Design Academy

Become An Advanced Graphic Designer In Just 1.5 Hours. Enroll In This Course And See How To Do It.
Create Stunning Images, Logos, Attractive Book Covers, Business Cards And Even Unique Infographics Within Minutes.

Why spend your money on expensive software or tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop to create graphics when you can get even better results using Canva.
You don’t have to waste money on licensing stock images and illustrations; this course will show you where to get thousands of premium quality stock photos and vectors free.
Whether you are a digital marketer, internet entrepreneur, business owner or a freelance graphic designer, your business needs a visual representation to look unique. It is easy to understand and delivers your message in a much more effective way.

An Attention-Grabbing Header Or A Convincing Image Can Have A Better Marketing Effect Than Hundreds Of Words Of Copy Writing.

But, as an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to create images and graphics yourself, and ultimately you have to outsource it. Outsourcing makes your work a lot easier if your supplier understands what you need and delivers excellent results, which is either rare or costs a lot!
Most of the times, you have to struggle with your designers to make them understand your vision and what you are trying to express. Other times delays and unavailability of credible talent can harm your business.
You can create amazing looking Images, Graphics, Book Covers, Banner Ads, Social Media and any high-resolution web graphics within minutes, without having expert level graphic design skills.


Canva is the latest and the most happening breakthrough in online digital design and internet marketers love it.

It gives you the tools and a ton of resources that you can use to create amazing graphics from scratch. The provided features are the same tools that professional graphic designers use every day to create eye-catching designs and images and charge hundreds of dollars for it.
You don’t need graphic design experience or any similar skill. Why pay someone else hundreds of dollars when you can create graphics and designs yourself!
Hundreds of our students started working with Canva for their own design projects or as a part-time business, and now they are making at least 4-figure income every month. You can also earn more than what your regular full day work pays you if you learn how to do designs with Canva.

This course will walk you through:

    • Everything you need to know about Canva and getting started.
    • Importing images and graphics from external sources.
    • Setting up image size and resolution for each image type.
    • Creating logos and transparent artwork.
    • Creating images for social media.
    • Using frames to make your pictures and graphics stand out.
    • And much more engaging content and things to learn.

Once you have learned the tools provided by Canva, and know how to use easily available resources, you can create exciting graphics in no time.
Canva has some of the amazing tools that can help you achieve amazing graphical results in a few clicks. You would be amazed to discover what you have been missing all along.
This course is geared toward business owners and entrepreneurs with no prior knowledge of graphic design and wants to create unique and wonderful web graphics in the shortest time possible.
Learning Photoshop or any similar software requires time, which you may not have. So, use Canva and create professional level graphics in minutes.

Taking This Course Will Be One Of The Smartest Investments You Will Make To Grow Your Business.

What are you waiting for?
Don’t let a low quality or non-responsive graphic designer slow your business growth.
Do is yourself, Get It Done Faster And Get It Done Better!

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